2019: A Year of Growth

Wow! Can’t believe 2020 is here already, it’s like 2019 flew by without a doubt. What a crazy year it has been, filled with rollercoasters and many changes in my life as well as some growth! So I thought I would share my top 3 moments and life learnings from 2019!

1️⃣ Ignoring the Stranger Danger saying!

This past year I’ve hiked, camped, and adventured at several spots in B.C. all thanks to the Facebook hiking groups I have joined, creator events and of course this little app. I’ve been able to connect with other local hikers and creators to go on adventures with, some of which have become pretty good friends of mine now (don’t worry I throughly check or should I say creep everyone’s social profiles before hiking with them)! My take away going into this year is connecting and creating with more adventurers and creators whether it be on this app, hiking groups, or through my travels!!

2️⃣ Impulsively booking a last minute solo trip to Iceland!

This probably was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. It all started when I saw that flights were on sale and I quickly booked them so that I wouldn’t back out. This trip made me realize not to wait for family & friends to join me or come with me, and to just go for it because these opportunities may not happen again and well as they say YOLO! My take away going into 2020 is to do more of what I when I want, whether it be more solo trips or just going for it with no questions asked – saying YES to any opportunities that come my way!


Controlling your mindset + altering your perspective + deleting any negativity = a very happy me! This saying says it all – one of the biggest learnings this year for me was to remove myself from any negativity that’s in my life, and let me tell you life definitely has been clear and free now that I have worked towards removing any negative energy. My take away going into this year is to continue to follow this mantra to keep my mindset healthy and happy – clear & happy mind = a happy me!